Getting beyond conscious intention to make coherent images from the irrational juxtaposition of disparate parts is the impetus for my work. While my materials and methods have changed over the years, this central impulse remains the same.

The work on paper involves an ongoing process of making and taking apart initial images, never intending them to be resolved in and of themselves. Rather it is through destroying or disassembling them; manipulating, layering, cutting, moving, etc. of the accumulated fragments that a final image is realized.

“Drawing” with scissors, increasingly layering and using negative space to create dimension led me in the direction of my current work in assemblage. Occupying a space between painting and sculpture, these works range from wall reliefs to freestanding constructions. Here natural, figurative and other found materials take the place of drawing fragments. While these materials evoke their origins, it is the effort to make new sense of them that is my central focus.